Mindshadows Paperbacks

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Mindshadows can ship quality "Trade Paperbacks" to Canadian and US destinations. We use PayPal as our secure payments partner via the shopping cart "Add to Cart" buttons below each book. See the General Information and Order Process descriptions below if you'd like more information.

If you're ordering from the U.S., our shipper requires your phone number. Please email us at booksales@mindshadows.com with that info after you place your order.

If preferred, North American readers can also purchase using the Special Orders procedure, also described below.

International Orders - click for details

Non-North American shipping is not available from Mindshadows via the "Add to Cart" buttons below. However, Mindshadows paperback books are available through book stores world-wide. To order for you, bookstores just need the book's ISBN number, which is noted below each book.

Alternatively, International shipments can also be special-ordered from Mindshadows by following the Special Orders procedures described below.

The Summer Before the Storm

Book 1: 548 Pages

$23.95 CAN

ISBN: 978-0-9732780-5-7

Elusive Dawn

Book 2: 558 Pages

$23.95 CAN

ISBN: 978-0-9732780-3-3

Under the Moon

Book 3: 436 Pages

$24.95 CAN

ISBN: 978-0-9732780-7-1

Lighting the Stars

Book 4: 477 Pages

$24.95 CAN

ISBN: 978-1-7750354-1-1

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The Muskoka Collection

$80 Special!

  • Immerse yourself in the Wyndham family saga, spanning 2 World Wars and the last global pandemic

  • All 4 books in the series, with over 2,000 pages of escapism, adventure, and romance for only $80 CAN

  • Buy now and save $17.80, (18%) (regular $97.80)

The GW Collection

$99 Special!

  • Escape with characters who will become your new "fictional friends"

  • Travel through time and space from the 1840's to the 1980's, through Europe and North America

  • All 6 books in the Gabriele Wills collection, including The Muskoka Novels

  • Almost 3,000 pages of escapism, adventure, and romance for only $99 CAN

  • Buy now and save $43.75, (31%) (regular $142.75)

Special Pricing for Book Clubs!

20% off orders of 5 - 9 books or 30% off 10 or more books shipped to one address!

See Special and Bulk Orders below for details

A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

517 Pages

Set in the turbulent, formative years of Ontario, this compelling saga spans five decades and two generations.

$24.95 CAN

ISBN: 978-0-9732780-0-2

Moon Hall

Moon Hall

370 Pages

Two women who live a century apart. Two stories that interweave to form a rich tapestry of intriguing characters, evocative places, and compelling events.

$20.00 CAN

ISBN: 0-9732780-1-3

General Information

Mindshadows trade paperbacks can be shipped directly to customers in Canada and United States through on-line purchase. We use PayPal as our payment processor, which supports payment via credit cards or PayPal account. A PayPal account is not required.

  • Autographed First Editions

  • High quality trade paperbacks with evocative cover photography by Melanie Wills

  • Drop-ship directly as gifts , with inscription of your choice

Prefer not to use PayPal? Send an email to booksales@mindshadows.com to make alternative arrangements for payment!

Currencies, Taxes, and Foreign Exchange

  • All sales are conducted in Canadian funds, however you are billed in your currency.

  • Contact us at booksales@mindshadows.com if you prefer not to use PayPal to buy books from this site, and we'll arrange an alternative payment process.

  • You can choose whether PayPal or your credit card company should calculate and apply any foreign exchange conversions. Be aware that PayPal charges a fee for currency conversion (2.5% the time of this writing).

  • Click here to see typical exchange rates between Canadian and other currencies, however bear in mind that PayPal and your credit card company may not use these exact rates for your purchase.

  • A 5% GST tax will be added for shipments to Canadian destinations only.

Shipping - Canada & USA

  • Price: Shipping is subsidized by Mindshadows. For a single book, shipping is only $7.00 CAD to all Canadian & U.S. destinations.

  • Special: Shipping is FREE to Canadian & U.S. destinations for orders of 2 or more books.

  • Shipping to U.S. destinations: Our shipper requires your phone number. Please email us at booksales@mindshadows.com with that info after you place your order.

  • Timing: Products are normally shipped within two business days of receipt of payment.

  • Method: All Canadian shipments are made via Canada Post Expedited Parcel Post.

  • On-line shipment tracking: Canadian shipments will be provided with tracking information by Canada Post, which will enable you to track the delivery of your order.

  • Delivery: Delivery within Canada & the U.S. is normally 2-12 days after shipment, depending on destination.

The Ordering Process

It's as simple as this ...

Click the "Add to Cart" button to add items to your PayPal shopping cart or "View Cart" to see the status of your cart. In the PayPal shopping cart screen, adjust item quantities and click either "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout" when you're ready. To check out, follow the the PayPal prompts and when payment is complete, your order will be forwarded to Mindshadows to initiate delivery. You can have the books drop-shipped to a different address, and can request special processing instructions by sending an eMail to Mindshadows when the order is submitted.

Contact us at booksales@mindshadows.com if you prefer not to use PayPal to buy books from this site, and we'll arrange an alternative payment process.

The Details

  1. On the Mindshadows On-Line Shop "Print Books" page, click an "Add to Cart" button to add the first item to your shopping cart. This will take you to the PayPal secure payment shopping cart site.

  2. On the PayPal shopping cart screen, you can change the quantity of books if desired, "check-out", and pay. You can also click "Continue Shopping" to return to the Mindshadows site to add additional items to your on-line shopping cart.

  3. To start the checkout process from the Mindshadows site, click "View Cart", which will take you back to the PayPal site. On the PayPal site you can then review and modify the quantities of the items in your cart. Click one of the "Checkout" buttons depending on whether or not you have a PayPal account.

  4. If you are not a member of PayPal, clicking the relevant button will take you to the credit card and billing information page. Enter your credit card and billing details - note that credit card information goes only to PayPal and is not shared with Mindshadows.

  5. If you wish the order to be "drop-shipped" to a location other than your billing address, click the checkbox and enter the details. This can be useful for sending books as gifts.

  6. Please enter your phone number so we can contact you if necessary regarding the order - we will not phone you for any other reason. Double check that your email address is correct, as this will be used by PayPal to send you a record of the order and by Mindshadows to connect with you about the order.

  7. You can also cancel the order on this page, which will return you to the Mindshadows shop, acknowledging that no charges have been made.

  8. Click "PayNow" to complete the order.

  9. The PayPal confirmation page will display for a few seconds. From here, you can display a Printable Receipt page (if you are quick!). You will then automatically be re-directed to the Mindshadows web site (the "Merchant") where you will see additional information.

  10. Shortly after you check-out and pay, you will receive an email from PayPal, confirming your purchase.

  11. When Mindshadows receives notification of the order from PayPal, we will initiate shipping documentation. When completed, the shipper will send you an eMail with tracking information.

  12. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Mindshadows at booksales@mindshadows.com.

Special and Bulk Orders - click here ...

Special orders for bulk shipments of physical books, and for situations where physical books cannot be purchased locally, are handled using an email-based payment system. Discounts are available for orders of 5 or more books. This simple and secure PayPal-based system ensures that your financial information remains confidential.

It's as simple as this ...

Send us an email describing your requirements and we'll determine shipping and any other costs, and any discounts that are applicable.

A payment request will be emailed to you from PayPal or via e-transfer, if you prefer.

Click on the link in the email, and if you are satisfied, complete the on-line payment form on PayPal, and we'll ship your books.

The Details

  1. Send an email to booksales@mindshadows.com with the particulars of your order: Qty of each book, any special instructions, preferred shipping method (if known), shipping address including postal or zip code and country, your contact info and email address if different from the one you use to send your request, and any other particulars we should be aware of.

  2. We will review your requirements and may connect with you to clarify details and advise you of any discounts that are available. Once the order is clarified, we will prepare a quotation that includes shipping costs and reflects any bulk discounts, and we will initiate a payment request through PayPal.

  3. Usually within 24 hours of any order clarifications, you will receive an email from PayPal, with the subject "PayPal money request from Mindshadows". This will detail the total amount of the order including any shipping costs.

  4. To approve the order and payment, click on the link in the email and a secure PayPal payment page will open in your web browser. Enter the requested information and when you finish, PayPal will confirm your order with an email. You don't need a PayPal account, and you can pay with common credit cards if you wish (click the link next to "Don't have a PayPal account").

  5. When Mindshadows is notified by PayPal of the completed payment, we will ship the books requested and send you a confirmation email.

  6. Note that although we will pre-pay the shipping costs, you will be responsible for any brokerage fees and local taxes. GST tax will be applied to Canadian orders.

If you have any questions at any time, don't hesitate to contact Mindshadows at booksales@mindshadows.com.